New for 2024: an approved Semantic Marker® app

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Kona Currents, LLC was founded in 2008 to invent, design, develop, teach, and navigate through exciting future generation Internet of Things (IoT) Era Software Architectures.

The USPTO Trademark description of the knowledge wave captures the Kona Currents architecture philosophy.

Kona Currents, LLC is a Computer Science based technology company.

Kona Currents, LLC developed and teaches a unique Computer Science course for Architecting future systems including exciting Internet of Things (IoT). Using a Architural formalism we call KnowledgeShark, learning is through hands-on design and development of networked IoT computer systems .

  • See Navigating Internet of Things (IoT) Era Architectures
  • Previous Boeing Ed Wells day long workshops, and High School presentations.
  • Advisory board co-chair for Renton Technical College (RTC) new 4 year BAS Bachleor of Applied Science. (previous Adjunct Professor)
  • ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Computing Reviews Contributing Author

    Various Computer Science Publications:

  • My Five(5) Computer Science Genre's
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Architecture Formalisms
  • Put-the-Cable (Candle) Back
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) meets Max Headroom
    New for 2024:
  • Renewed Agency as Abilities meets Internet of Things (IoT), Messaging, 3d Printing and Optical Markers
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  • Kona Currents, LLC offers Software Design and Development services to educate clients on the potential of new software architecture formalisms including those invented by Kona Currents. These architecture services are valuable for leveraging the new optical vision markers we call Semantic Marker® (See

    Example Apps: Product List

    Kona Currents, LLC offers on-line downloadable software and apps for creation, collection, and management of optical visual markers. We call these a Semantic Marker® interacting with our published API's and through our Cloud Computing servers.

    The Semantic Marker® captures a new approach for interacting with our technologically rich environment - such as Smart Devices and Internet of Things (IoT). These special optical visual markers, such as two-dimensional optical code images and barcodes, come alive through interactive feedback with the environment; continual scanning will send secure internet messages and can show unique interactive Augmented Reality graphic overlays based on contextually and semantically relevent information.

    New for 2024: an approved Semantic Marker® app

    See for more details.

    Scott Moody Photography is the photo arm of Kona Currents. This includes exciting photography services and products. One example is a hardback book highlighting 16+ year Photo History of the Washington State Kikaha Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe club. Contact us for more information on this or other projects. Race coverage is also available through our outrigger photo web site.

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    Kona Currents, LLC is a registered Women Owned Small Business founded in 2008 in the State of Washington.

  • USPTO Registered ® Trademark for KonaCurrentsLLC and USPTO 87232862
  • DUNS Number: 030533189
  • CAGE Code: 7A4M7
  • State of Washington Business License. Tricky tool to navigate but eventually enter UBI number: 602-802-459
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  • NAICS Code Assertions (see
  • Kona Currents, LLC offers services for Software Design, Development and Computer Science education showcasing the potential of new software architecture formalisms especially suited to Internet of Things (IoT) and our Semantic Marker®.

  • Read about our IoT Vision

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